Make Payroll Easy, Save time, Cut costs, time records, Schedules and Vacation time simplifiedMake Payroll Easy, Save time, Cut costs, time records, Schedules and Vacation time simplified

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Payroll Management Payroll Management
Generate hours worked and wages payable in a single click
Run payroll for specific departments or all employees
Breaks, absences, overtime, mileage, time rounding

ClockGuard ClockGuard
Ensure employees are at work when they are supposed to be
Receive an email or text message alert when
an employee clock in or out at an unscheduled time

ClockPoints ClockPoints
Ensure employees clock in and out from authorized locations
Authorize single computers or entire offices (by IP)
Review both when and where employees clock in

Employee Absences Employee Absences
Track, view, and schedule employee absence time
Customize system to automatically accrue employee absence time
Manage absence time over seven categories

Track Mileage Track Mileage
Organized way to reimburse employees for miles travelled
Customize how much to pay for each mile
Automatically calculated as a line item in payroll

Scheduling Scheduling
Easily add, edit, and copy employee schedules - save time
Employees can view their schedule online from anywhere
Enter wage information to forecast payroll

Timesheet Edit Requests Timesheet Edit Requests
Employees can request edits to their time records
Requests can be accepted or denied by a manager
Save time by fixing errors with a single click - no data entry

Dashboard Dashboard
Clock in or out in a single click
View this weeks schedule and recent time records
Important alerts are also displayed on this page